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So you think you can’t upcycle…..

2 Dec

With this super sweet shirt to pillow transformer from Thinkgeek we can all live our thrifty dreams by recycling old, unwanted and damaged T-shirts (or just plain cool ones) into useful household furniture! I’ve thought about turning T-shirts into pillowcases before, but thought that the jersey material would soon get stretched out of shape if used for upholstery, this nifty item completely solves that problem and removes all requirement to sew…

… pure genius!

Kudos the the Thinkgeek guys yet again

x G


K9/TARDIS reversible bag!!

14 Nov

oh companions!!

here are very purple person’s pattern and tutorial
Here’s my tardis/k9 templates, and my pocket pattern

I’m such a geek!

so… all warmed up for the Dr Who Swap on craftster 🙂

ALL the fabric used here is actually upcycled, the white floral stuff was a duvet cover I got for free from a carboot sale and the funky 70’s brown stuff also came from a carboot sale, and it’s a curtain 🙂 I’m MAD paying £1 for a single curtain but I loved the pattern… I thought I might make a skirt out of it but there wasn’t really enough….

Anyhow the video explains everything I did differently to Very Purple Person …please let me know if you use my applique templates, I’d love to see what you make!!

x G

KAWAII chubby bow bag

7 Nov

Wanna see something really cute?

I made this cute little shoulder bag out of a turtleneck jumper!! The lining is a pillowcase, and guess how much I paid for them?? NOTHING!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

I picked up both free from a car-boot seller who wanted to go home, the jumper was ruined because someone had tumble dried it, it was supposed to be size 10 but looked like it would only fit a 3 year old.

I used 3 different tutorials:

  • Not Dabbling In Normal did a great tutorial on turning a sweater/jumper into a bag, ages and AGES ago my artsy friend Catie suggested the link to me on facebook.
  • To line the bag I consulted Very Purple Person’s reversible bag tutorial… clearly I didn’t use the pattern… and it’s a bit wasted because it’s not a reversible bag… but it’s a good way to line a bag.
  • And oh-so-cute bow was crafted out of the turtle neck collar from the original jumper using the Parisienne bow technique which I fist discovered on Burdastyle, but now have etched into the back of my sewing brain.

This bag also includes a little embroidered tag so when I get famous whoever owns it will be able to sell it for lots of money 🙂

but enough talk, more pictures!!!

x G

Dragon Ball Z Tank Top

7 Oct

check this shiz out!

Wanna be cool like me? sure you do!

All you need is one of these!

 Et voila, instant coolness,
Now I’m of to eat nachos 🙂

(btw, the festival I’m at there is Sonisphere 2010)
Check out my geeky boyfriends

my beautiful new husband:

 I also took the Superman dress out on a field trip:

and put discarded object on a severly drunk man until he woke up, we called it drunkaroo:

x G

Supergirl, Wedding Dresses and Pillow Cases

31 Aug

‘Cos that’s just how I roll!!

ok, one thing, THE SUPERGIRL COSTUME IS DONE (cue fanfare!) but I’m not showing you it! I’m keeping the grand unveiling for my Sister in Law’s party on Saturday, hopefully there will be many lovely people (mostly men prolly) there who are more than willing to take suitably high quality pictures of your truely, this one is not for shoddy auto-timed pictured against a magnolia wall, this one has to be shot ‘out and about’

if you want to see a sneak peak (and GOD it’s worth it) you should join my facebook page.

But a Geeky Seamstress’ work is NEVER done! for I have ANOTHER party to attend on FRIDAY (the rock and roll life I lead!) This party is at a posh hotel in Denham. So I decided to wear the most posh thing I own…. My wedding dress!

no… really….

OH! it doesnt look like this anymore!

“Sometimes smiling makes my face hurt”

 oh God no… I wore white ONCE and it shall never be repeated!

ahem… I’m sure we can fix this….

Fantastic! now all I need to do is chop a couple of inches off the bottom and that my friends, is a rock and roll party dress. 🙂

In this dog eat dog sewing world you’ve got to think 3 steps ahead to survive, and I’m already on to my next raft of projects! September is one of those months were birthdays lurk around every corner, I suffer from the impediment of living 30 miles away from my family so if I forget a birthday it’s often too late to post a card by the time I realise (!!!). Anyhow I’m sure my family members would love some tat I’ve sewn out of an old pillow case…. no? …. not even if the pillow case looks like this?

That’s an awful lot of fabric from one pillow case!

I just LOVE L-O-V-E it! If I was a size 8 I would make myself a shift dress out of it and build a time machine to go back to the 70’s where they would SURELY make me queen of fabulous dresses!

So WATCH OUT if your birthday’s in September one of two things are going to happen, (1) I’m going to miserably forget – hopefully not (2) you’re going to get some tat made out of an old pillowcase.

I’m also aware that I’ve not really been ‘geeking it up’ enough recently so hopefully I’ll get that shizzle in there too, BRING IT ON!

G x