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Hello world!

6 Dec

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!



24 Aug


Lookee what Grosgrain’s giving away, I want it bad!!

Think of the geeky possibilities!!

G x

Where the hell have you been??!??!

22 Jul

In the land of stressed out end-of-term teacher thats where I’ve been … but as this blog is probably grounds for a diagnosis of shitzophenia I will refrain from explaining to myself where I’ve been. … I know where I was… I was there.

Anyhow here’s a list of things that I will update with in the next few days.
(1) Entering my superman dress into my first ever competition
(2) my long and short shorts
(3) the ongoing saga of my grandma dress
(4) the dragonball Z upcycled slouchy vest
(5) Progress on my first 1950’s dress

Smell you later!
x G

Not that you care…

21 Jun

But I am still here, I promise… will post soon…

2 Beautiful Antique Sewing Patterns

10 Jun

Check out this shiz!

THESE                                                             ARE                                                           FABULOUS!

I picked up these sewing patterns on EBay over the last few weeks, they took FOREVER to come ‘cos they were from the US. Aren’t they amazing? so beautifully typically 1950’s it just makes me want to spontaneously dance around the room ‘swishing’ an imaginary voluminous circle skirt some song from grease, or perhaps “Suddenly Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors.

I desperately want to make the first one but I think I’ve got to wait to after payday because I need to buy some paper to trace the patterns onto. The patterns are genuine 1950’s ‘antique’ mail order patterns, they’re made out of really really thin tissue paper which is really yellow with age so I have to trace the shape of the pattern pieces onto some other paper to avoid damaging the original with pins, weights and unnecessary handling.

I’ve got some great 1inch square red and white gingham in my stash which seems up to the job:

 But I think I need to get some red fabric to make bias tape from because 50’s patterns are binding-a-licious!

and also some lovely red lining fabric …. mmmm … red lining fabric…

Also, WTF?! size 20?! size 18?! gorram it 1950’s for a decade that seriously did the curvy lady some favours in the style department, you sure as hell know how to make us feel huge with your STUPID size numbers.

that is all
G x


7 Jun
oh yea she did!!!! … YUP! I took a superman suvet cover and sewed into this SUPER cute summer minidress! I’m SO proud of this one it’s unreal… oh yea there are things I could’ve done better… nothing’s ever perfect, but it’s SO DANG close!
Are you sitting comfortably? then I’ll begin…
Basically a few weeks ago I found a He-man Duvet cover in a charity shop which I then sewed into a floaty prom-dress . . . which was very good! but I did it very hastiliy without really making much of a connection between the fabric pattern and the dress style. also This prom-dess style dress is not suited to all venues … see exhibit B:
As you can clearly see… (1) this dress makes me look like the side of a house (2) if you’re not ‘dressed up’ it just looks like a nighty…. anywhoo… it still got me geek points at the party.
Well… as fate may have it I got a very vintage looking Superman Duvet cover from a Colchester chairty shop (while I was in town for the above party infact!) and felt I’d been given a dressmaking second-chance, If I was to reincarnate this bedding into something more wearable I was going to think about it more this time!

Did it turn out as I planned?!? of course not! but  the modifications to the plan, I think, suit the pattern of the fabric much better! than what I’d planned!

First of all I use the Ute bouse pattern as a base for the top. As you can see on the burdastyle website, this version of the blouse has sleeves, I did intend to use these (even cut them out and interfaced the cuffs and everything) but I ended up omitting these because it has been BLOODY hot in the UK for the last week or so and I really wanted the dress to be finished ASAP.

Then I used Grosgrain’s tutorial on turning a blouse into a dress … but of course! I didnt have to make the blouse and then cut off the bottom! As it was a print at home pattern I could just simply cut off all the pattern pieces at the waist! surprising how much fabric that saved! 
Originally I’d planned to make a longer ciscle skirt by adding panels ot the bottom… but again! it was hot and I was impatient!
also ANOTHER cool thing about this dress.. the ‘button’ closure? PRESS STUDS! from the bottom of the duvet cover! upcycling FTW!!
Also, that bias trim 🙂 I MADE IT! … that took a while… but I’ve got loads left! It’s the first time I used bias biding, it’s not that tidy, but not many people are looking at my arm-holes! 😉

G x