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So you think you can’t upcycle…..

2 Dec

With this super sweet shirt to pillow transformer from Thinkgeek we can all live our thrifty dreams by recycling old, unwanted and damaged T-shirts (or just plain cool ones) into useful household furniture! I’ve thought about turning T-shirts into pillowcases before, but thought that the jersey material would soon get stretched out of shape if used for upholstery, this nifty item completely solves that problem and removes all requirement to sew…

… pure genius!

Kudos the the Thinkgeek guys yet again

x G


Dragon Ball Z Tank Top

7 Oct

check this shiz out!

Wanna be cool like me? sure you do!

All you need is one of these!

 Et voila, instant coolness,
Now I’m of to eat nachos 🙂

(btw, the festival I’m at there is Sonisphere 2010)
Check out my geeky boyfriends

my beautiful new husband:

 I also took the Superman dress out on a field trip:

and put discarded object on a severly drunk man until he woke up, we called it drunkaroo:

x G

Supergirl Costume (pt2, pattern drafting)

19 Aug

I’m not lying, I picked the Supergirl outfit because it’s a super simple construction (or so I hope). My previous post shows how I intend to build it. It’s essentially a long sleeved t-shirt and a circle skirt…. ‘xept I’ve never made long sleeves before (DAMMIT) and the applique in the ‘boob’ area could spell sure death (DAMMIT).

Anyway I needed a pattern. I made the bodice block from a T-shirt I like, sellotaped some old newspaper together, drew around it with one colour marker pen, then made any alterations (neckline and hem really) added seam allowances and made a final cutting line, it ended up looking like this:

the big black line is the cutting line, they green lines are the construction lines… but you knew that!

et voila! my bodice pattern! … I found a 3/4 sleeve in a pattern I had in my pattern stash and redrafted that for more length, but sleeves aren’t interesting….
Here’s a skirt and belt pattern!

I can’t believe I ACTUALLY had to use Pi to figure out what measurement to use for the waist! My maths teacher would be proud I’ve finally found a use for it!!
As you can see I’ve added the ‘V’ shape on the hem… I didn’t know what to do at the waistline so I’ve left that for figuring out with my muslin.

And a cape made much the same way…. for some reason the picture will not upload and stay portrait…. it wants to be landscape… I shall not let it.

Last bit of pattern making!

Easy peasy, google superman, print out logo as big as you can, cut out the shapes with a stanley knife? … ok don’t use a stanley knife! use a craft knife like a sensible person… 

I also needed another template for that background to the ‘S’ logo, just another diamond, slightly smaller than the that the edges don’t stick out 🙂

OK tomorrow! muslin making (first time for everything) and constructing that all important ‘S’

smell ya later!
G x