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Christmas Secrets REVEALED!!

5 Jan
So, here’s one thing I’ve been keeping from you, my adoring public:

This is an embroidery that I did for my mam for Christmas *waves at mam*. My mother knows the ways of the Internet so I couldn’t show you for rear of ruining the surprise 🙂
The pattern is from Tipnut’s library of free downloadable embroidery patterns… seriously you should go on there! there’s loads’a stuff! fair enough, the site is basically a collection of links to other sites, but it’s a good set of links, and if you’re looking for pincushion patterns, apron patterns or things to embroider on your tea towels (??) then this site is really useful.

Of course, the text was added by me… this is the original pattern:

So many more things to tell you! make sure you check back soon, make sure you ‘like’ my facebook page to get real time updates on my crafty adventures!

x G


Dalek loves toaster

23 Dec

I whipped this up this afternoon for a secret Santa for the Sci-fi meetup group I go to (don’t judge me for going to a meetup group!) it was partly inspired by this pattern I’d seen on Mr X stitch’s blog recently lookee here:

only cross stitch is rubbish, and I think Daleks would like toasters better.

x G

"Well Loved" Bear

19 Dec
I can let you in on this Christmas secret because it’s for my mother in law, and the likelihood of her getting on the Internet and checking my blog is VERY remote! She doesn’t do the interwebs!
To really get the full picture you need a bit of background story.
My mother in law is crazy about bears… they cover her house… REALLY… to the extent where we can’t just ‘pop’ round, they need a couple of hours notice to tidy the bears off the couch 🙂
I mean it’s worse than this:
worse than this:
and worse than this:
infact put the three of those together, that’s her front room, FACT!
How does she acquire these bears? well, like me she has a deep appreciation for charity shops, which means that the majority of bears she brings home look something like this:
So, I decided that the only nice thing to do was to give her a piece of embroidered art this Christmas to commemorate her love affair with all things stuffed and tattered. 

It’s applique and embroidery, using blanket stitch, a smidge of satin stitch and chain stitch (I ❤ Chain stitch) at some points using 3 stands and at others 2 strands of embroidery floss. The buttons came off one of Alex’s old shirts that I cannibalised in payment for making some cloaks for his star wars action figures, the frame was 50p from a charity shop! All of the fabric I used I actually got for free form my beautiful sister in law XD
not very geeky, but definitely sweet 🙂
x G


20 Nov


Me and Alex went down Aylesbury town this afternoon to do the charity shop run and I got these beauties:

What you’re seeing is a 12″ embroidery hoop mounted on an embroidery stand, for 2 handed stitching.
What? there seems to be a big balack blob on my work? well that’s because what I’m embroidering is a SECRET sillyface! I’m crafting for the craftster Doctor Who swap at the moment and I don’t want to spoil my partner’s surprise!

lookee more!

ok, a couple of sneek peeks:

x G

My Ass Rocks! (Pt 1 embroidery)

26 Oct

Check it out!!

  ICK! I don’t like it that close up it’s a bit unforgiving!

There we go:

It started out life here:

 Guys, it’s the 21st century! we don’t have to spend loads of money on embroidery patterns! google images has a feature now where can specify exactly what kind of picture you want:

and there you go – line drawing = embroidery pattern, job done. Save it, pop it in word, add a text box, add some cheeky text, Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt!

On the Internet there’s loads of different ways to transfer embroidery patterns. I chose to use carbon paper because I happened to have some lying around after I failed to use it to transfer sewing patterns in the early days. (Just goes to show NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY!!)

As you can see, nice and light, but sharp enough to see what you’re doing, awesome!
In case you care I’m just using muslin as a base and when I’m stitching I’ll be using backstitch because I don’t know ANYTHING about embroidery at all!

Ok so that’s the hard part, it took me about 3 nights (3 school nights) to sew this, it’s about 3.5×6 inches… something like that…. not big….

In the next installment: how to make you kickass embroidery into a patch for your jeans or jacket… but you still wont be as cool as this guy:

 see you soon!!

x G


25 Oct

My first tentative steps into the world of embroidery:

pokemon embroidery FTW OMGWTFBBQ!
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