2 Beautiful Antique Sewing Patterns

10 Jun

Check out this shiz!

THESE                                                             ARE                                                           FABULOUS!

I picked up these sewing patterns on EBay over the last few weeks, they took FOREVER to come ‘cos they were from the US. Aren’t they amazing? so beautifully typically 1950’s it just makes me want to spontaneously dance around the room ‘swishing’ an imaginary voluminous circle skirt some song from grease, or perhaps “Suddenly Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors.

I desperately want to make the first one but I think I’ve got to wait to after payday because I need to buy some paper to trace the patterns onto. The patterns are genuine 1950’s ‘antique’ mail order patterns, they’re made out of really really thin tissue paper which is really yellow with age so I have to trace the shape of the pattern pieces onto some other paper to avoid damaging the original with pins, weights and unnecessary handling.

I’ve got some great 1inch square red and white gingham in my stash which seems up to the job:

 But I think I need to get some red fabric to make bias tape from because 50’s patterns are binding-a-licious!

and also some lovely red lining fabric …. mmmm … red lining fabric…

Also, WTF?! size 20?! size 18?! gorram it 1950’s for a decade that seriously did the curvy lady some favours in the style department, you sure as hell know how to make us feel huge with your STUPID size numbers.

that is all
G x


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