7 Jun
oh yea she did!!!! … YUP! I took a superman suvet cover and sewed into this SUPER cute summer minidress! I’m SO proud of this one it’s unreal… oh yea there are things I could’ve done better… nothing’s ever perfect, but it’s SO DANG close!
Are you sitting comfortably? then I’ll begin…
Basically a few weeks ago I found a He-man Duvet cover in a charity shop which I then sewed into a floaty prom-dress . . . which was very good! but I did it very hastiliy without really making much of a connection between the fabric pattern and the dress style. also This prom-dess style dress is not suited to all venues … see exhibit B:
As you can clearly see… (1) this dress makes me look like the side of a house (2) if you’re not ‘dressed up’ it just looks like a nighty…. anywhoo… it still got me geek points at the party.
Well… as fate may have it I got a very vintage looking Superman Duvet cover from a Colchester chairty shop (while I was in town for the above party infact!) and felt I’d been given a dressmaking second-chance, If I was to reincarnate this bedding into something more wearable I was going to think about it more this time!

Did it turn out as I planned?!? of course not! but  the modifications to the plan, I think, suit the pattern of the fabric much better! than what I’d planned!

First of all I use the Ute bouse pattern as a base for the top. As you can see on the burdastyle website, this version of the blouse has sleeves, I did intend to use these (even cut them out and interfaced the cuffs and everything) but I ended up omitting these because it has been BLOODY hot in the UK for the last week or so and I really wanted the dress to be finished ASAP.

Then I used Grosgrain’s tutorial on turning a blouse into a dress … but of course! I didnt have to make the blouse and then cut off the bottom! As it was a print at home pattern I could just simply cut off all the pattern pieces at the waist! surprising how much fabric that saved! 
Originally I’d planned to make a longer ciscle skirt by adding panels ot the bottom… but again! it was hot and I was impatient!
also ANOTHER cool thing about this dress.. the ‘button’ closure? PRESS STUDS! from the bottom of the duvet cover! upcycling FTW!!
Also, that bias trim 🙂 I MADE IT! … that took a while… but I’ve got loads left! It’s the first time I used bias biding, it’s not that tidy, but not many people are looking at my arm-holes! 😉

G x


2 Responses to “THE SUPERMAN DRESS!!!”

  1. Joezehh June 8, 2010 at 5:06 pm #

    this looks absolutely fantastic and i can't believe you made it. how long have you been sewing? and do you reckon anyone can learn? because i'd really like to start :')but yeah just thought i'd let you know.x

  2. The Geeky Seamstress June 8, 2010 at 5:30 pm #

    Sewing is a lot easier than many people think it is! I've only been sewing since february this year… so … about 3/4 months.Prior to blogger I used this: document my sewing journey, as you can see, I started with a bag and just want from there!If you're interested in sewing I really suggest the burdastyle website, it's a really good community of crafters!let me know it I can help in any way, thanks for checking out my work!The Geeky Seamstress xx

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